Dental cleanings and exams are a key part of your child’s oral health. These routine preventive treatments are among the most important services we provide, and they work to minimize your child’s risk of developing tooth decay, gum disease or other problems so that your child can continue to enjoy a healthy mouth and smile.

Your child should visit our dentists every six months to receive a dental cleaning and exam. We may recommend more frequent visits if necessary. During these regular checkups, our dentists will:

  • Thoroughly clean your child’s teeth to remove plaque, calculus and bacteria
  • Examine their teeth and mouth for signs of cavities or other damaging conditions
  • Floss and polish their teeth
  • Take any necessary X-rays to further evaluate your child’s mouth and smile

By visiting our office regularly, you not only help your child avoid developing any dental problems but also make it possible for them to receive treatment quickly if a problem does occur. We also encourage you to contact Serenity Dental of Spring if your child has a dental emergency, such as pain, injury, or damage to their teeth or oral structures.

Our team also understands that children often feel anxious or uncomfortable in the dental office, and we do everything we can to ensure that our office is a positive, comfortable and welcoming environment. Ultimately, we want to help your child develop positive associations with visiting the dentist so that they can receive the care they need without anxiety, fear or hesitation in the future.

We invite you to call us at 281-825-5522 to learn more about pediatric dental cleanings and exams in Spring, Texas, and make your child’s appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Chung and associates.