Your child’s diet is an important part of both their oral and overall health. When you bring your child to Serenity Dental of Spring, we will review their diet with you and make recommendations about their nutrition.

Each person has a unique metabolism, and some nutrients may be more beneficial to your child than others. For example, too much sugar increases their risk of tooth decay, and a lack of proper nutrition increases your child’s risk of developing gum disease, defects in the tooth enamel or other problems. Other nutritional deficiencies in nutrition change the levels of bacteria and acidity in the mouth. On the other hand, many nutrients (such as vitamins A and B) work to keep your child’s gums and teeth healthier and increase their protection against disease and infection. Our dentists will review your child’s diet and oral health with you to determine any changes to their eating habits and routines that you may need to implement.

Here are a few basic steps you can take at home to help your child:

  • Read food labels
  • Limit their intake of sugary, starchy and acidic foods and beverages
  • Help them eat more fresh foods and vegetables
  • Give them foods that are high in calcium and phosphorus
  • Limit snacking between meals
  • Help them brush and floss regularly

To make an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Chung and associates and learn more about nutrition and home care in Spring, Texas, please call Serenity Dental of Spring today at 281-825-5522.